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  • 3rd Place! One of two Brits on the podium!

    3rd Place! One of two Brits on the podium!

    Exciting finale in Finale as the top 2 brits battled to decide the podium positions. Quote at the finish: “That was the most horrific, worst and best race I’ve ever done… A lot can happen in 24 hours!”.

  • Finish coming… Craig is closing the gap….

    The gap is coming down and Craig is giving it everything he has….. is there enough time to close it down and catch Jason Miles for the silver medal ?

  • Back in the race for the podium

    We don’t know where it came from but Craig has found his legs and knocked out a 1hr 7 minute lap time, moving from 5th to 3rd and more than halving the gap to second. Its is going to be so close but he still has a chance to catch Team JMC’s Jason Miles…….  

  • Rain – just like racing in the UK

    The rain is here and the UK riders will be in their element….. but our crew chief is not happy, she was promised sunshine……

  • Morning – 6 hours to go

    6:46am here at the WEMBO World 24hr Solo Champs. Battle for the top 5 places is hotting up. Craig is suffering but hanging in there in 5th. Just over 6 hours to go…..

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